32-32 North

Welcome to 32-32 North

32-32 North is the exclusive imprint for award-winning thriller author Martin Roy Hill, and is part of M. R. Hill Publishing which offers freelance editorial services to writers and publishers.

Here you will find information on all of Martin's novels, keep up on up on new books, and learn about upcoming events.

What does 32-32 North refer to?

Latitude 32 degrees, 32 minutes north is the maritime boundary between the United States and Mexico, located just south of San Diego, California. During Martin's 13 years of active and reserve service with the U.S. Coast Guard, he spent many hours patrolling the U.S.-Mexico maritime boundary on counter-drug and immigrant operations. 32-32 North Publishing is a tip of the hat to that period of Martin's military service and the men and women with whom he served.

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